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Vision Statement


To continuously strive to achieve highest standards of quality analytical services in the concurrence with client's expectations on a professionally cost effective manner.


Vision Statement on Environment and Health:


The environment in which we live greatly influences our health. The household, workplace, outdoor and indoor environments may pose risks to health in a number of different ways. The poor quality of air which we may breathe, the contaminated water we may drink and the surroundings in which we live, determine our quality of life. While the genetic factors may also be responsible for causing diseases but the environmental factors play much more active role in contracting various diseases. The key purpose of this Vision Statement on Environment and Human Health is to evolve a strategy for health risk reduction. It also offers a comprehensive approach to the environmental health management plans, which would be a systematic approach to estimate the burden of disease and injury due to different environmental pollutants.


Mission Statement


Our mission to respond to industry needs for analytical services with diversified interests dedicated to the services with environmental consciousness. Our test certificates are reliable as these are based on accuracy and impartiality.


Goal on Environmental Health:


Promote health for all through a healthy environment.


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