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Testing Services

Water and Waste water Analysis : Drinking Water as per IS : 10500 : 2012 Packaged Drinking Water as per IS : 14543 : 2004 All Physical and Chemical Parameters Including Pesticide Residuals. Micro Biological Examination (like Escherichia.coli, Faecal coliform, Total coliform) Swimming Pool Water Water for Food Processing Boiler Feed Water.


Open well water, Surface water like; River, Nala, Lake water

Sewage raw and treated water

Effluent Raw and treated water

Recognized as a Board Laboratory for Testing of Air and Water samples by Tamil Nadu State Pollution Control Board.


Air Quality Monitoring & Environmental Testing :


Stack Emission Monitoring, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Survey in Work Environment

In-door Air Quality & Volatile Organic Compounds Monitoring

Stationery Source Emission Monitoring

Micro Meteorological data using weather monitoring station

Noise Level Monitoring, Lux Illuminance Level Monitoring

ETP Water analysis as per CPCB/TNPCB Norms

STP Water analysis as per CPCB/TNPCB Norms

Sludge & Waste Water analysis

Soil Quality Physical, chemical analysis & Heavy metal analysis

Air Quality: we provide a range of highly specialised ambient and indoor air quality monitoring - in the field or at one of our specialist laboratories


Source Emission Quality: we conduct source emission monitoring in DG stack, Boiler stack and other chimney exhaust.


IAQM & VOC: we will conduct survey of Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Volatile Organic Compounds monitoring at Business park, IT park, commercial centres, Various Industries as per ANSI / ASHRAE standard


Noise and Lux: we conduct Ambient noise level, Indoor noise, Source noise, DG noise, Work place noise etc..


Dialysis water/fluid testing: we are one of the pioneer in the testing and analysis of Dialysis, Dialysate fluid, RO water system products as per AAMI standard


Soil & Sludge: we offer a variety of environmental drilling, soil and sediment sampling and geotechnical services


Water and waste water: we conduct independent sampling and analysis of surface water, groundwater, process water, waste water and much more


Waste: we can help you assess, monitor, reduce and manage your waste products


Climate change: Testing for micro-pollutants to ensuring compliance with new greenhouse gas emissions regulations, we help you understand and optimise your relationship with the environment and comply with environmental standards

Micro Meteorological Studies: we are one of the pioneer in the field of Environmental Monitoring Studies with the basic micro meteorological status monitoring at your site To discuss how we can help you improve your environmental footprint, contact us today.

Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Management Plan Studies


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Treat ability and Performance Studies of Treatment Plants STP & WTP.


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Environmental Monitoring and Data Generation


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Disaster Management Plan


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Risk Analysis Studies


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Water and Wastewater Analysis


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Stack Emission Monitoring


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Air, Noise & Soil Quality Survey & Analysis


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Pollution Control.


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